Is Biology a Science?

May 05, 2020

When discussing the Matrix being a metaphor of living and its relation to science, a few might assert it is not strictly speaking accurate to say that the Matrix utilizes the language of biology

While I am sympathetic with this particular argument, the word’matrix’ must be read in the wider context of mathematics fiction.

Naturally, once I say the Matrix is a believer for a lifetime and its relation to science, I am imagining that biology is actually a science. I’m doing this not because I believe that science and mathematics can be considered completely separate entities but because biology a part of science. Biology and science possess several factors in common but, as with any science, their concepts to an individual’s application will differ.

For example, we know that a biology textbook will instruct students on how to classify living things into phyla, orders, families, orders, classes, species, subspecies, phyla, families, orders, and species. On the other hand, we are not quite sure as to what we should call the human species.

Similarly, we also know that the concepts of development and species may help determine the significance of the word’human living’. We all know very little about human evolution. Because of this, biologists regularly use words such as’hominid’hominin’ to characterize a’human being’ as an alternative of’human life’.

As experts, all of us acknowledge the human presence has a few similarities along with other lifeforms. It’s only normal that people make an effort to use these similarities to understand that the individual lifetime encounter. As contemporary molecular biology facilitates that the discovery of’submicroscopic’ life forms, contemporary math presents us resources to identify a’human existence’ and to know the biological evolution that we observe in this everyday life .

At an identical manner, the universe comprises an full structure of theories which are quite similar to a set of abstract concept. Even though we don’t understand everything about the universe, we certainly have much to learn about also the life sciences and the environment. In this sense, biology is just a single element of this world of mathematics fiction.

So, the Matrix metaphor in the Matrix movies makes sense. We may disagree about what the metaphorical matrix means but it is certainly true that we can come up with different definitions of biology in science. This is just as true for genetic engineering and evolution in biology as it is for anything else in science.

If chemistry is a science, then we will ought to be consistent and admit that genetics and the human life encounter are a part of the set fiction. If genetics is considered to be a deep instance, biology will be quite a sciencefiction.

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